Beginning blogger blues, burnout and Betty Boop

My B-word choices included blogger, burnout, blues, beginning blogger and – did I say burnout?

Actually, the mood is not as bad as that but there are some lessons here.

In fact, I may treat myself as a new blogger and start from ground zero, almost: a step above, "How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners," which is useful if you need it.

Back to the blues: One advantage a beginning blogger holds over me is that they don't realize what they don't know – to include some very demotivational statistics.

Also, new blogger Betty Boop is likely to be less distracted than I am -- and maybe you are/have been. I just spent 78 minutes looking at infographics on the color impact of websites on buyers. At least I wasn't playing Farmville...I think. 

This is Betty Boop out pimping her wireless potato peeler social application to some angel investor laden network who is more interested in her peeled Facebook photos while her biz site is causing self-induced blindness because it is so damn ugly!

The point is she's making money by working smart -- even if her I.Q. is 98 -- and I'm stressing over the hexadecimal value of my links across 3 operating systems and smartphones – not that this is done in vain mind you.

WELL, I do have some advantage with my years of experience in running a successful web design and marketing business along with a an internationally renown website of 800-some hand-coded pages of content. The advantage is just not showing itself at the moment. (I need structure). 

It also means that I know enough to recognize that I am antiquated about a few things (knowledge can be dangerous). Things I may have to pay someone else (or a service or application) to handle. This is tough for me to admit, for I am both independent and frugal.

But, say my Wordpress theme is corrupted (not to mention I need a Blogger design and SEO optimization atm) or I want a serious Facebook page, or I need modernized CTR analytics – there will be no time left for content.

Especially, now that blog success is less dependent on content than it is networking – oy! Seriously, that's the advice of the times. Admittedly, it needs some context.

As for burnout: It's more to do with B-list clients and overcommitment to things I'm less passionate about. I know what I want to do (mostly) and where I want to (and do) excel, but there is this other B-word, bills.

So, bloggers, this is not meant to discourage. Maybe you can relate – save for the Betty Boop anecdote – and want to share your blogger blue days and how you got past them. And, feel free to name your favorite websites for beginning bloggers.

Also, know this, as demotivated as I felt when typing the first keystrokes, I feel MUCH better now. I didn't throw in the towel on the A-Z challenge on day two as I expected, and for that I'm proud. Now off to invent a 4G tater peeler app of my own.    


Marie Anne said...

Oh burnout is a good B word for sure. I experienced that myself very recently and hoping it's gone by the wayside.

Love Betty Boop!

J.L. Campbell said...

Hope you find the inspiration to make it over to C on Monday.

So many things to do, so little time. It does take a lot of focus to get everything done, but I like to say 'everything in moderation'. My approach to avoid burnout on this particular expedition is to post in small doses. Haven't quite managed it yet though. :D

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing the blogging beginners link as I'm a beginner.

dporter said...

You're most welcome Donna, I had another one that was Blogger specific (how-to do X,Y,Z) but it made for an awkward focus to include it. I'll be adding more most certainly.

dporter said...

@ J.L. -- I forget the comments aren't threaded here like on WP.

I think that's a good approach (small doses if lengthier proves too much) especially if you write all day and your brain is mincemeat by the time you get to your blog.

I suspect some day's I'll just post a video or photo...but oddly enough it takes me longer to pick a good one...then again it's usually time well spent if the topic is good.

Poddys said...

Burnout is something I feel quite often. It's hard to write when you get burnout, which is why I am using a great feature of both Wordpress and Blogger - Scheduling!

I wrote my articles for H and I this morning, and scheduled them to be published on the correct date.

That way, I am ahead of the game, and should I get interrupted or burnt out, I have a few days to catch up.

It also means that if I really want to write about "W" right now, I can do, without having to worry that I haven't written about "D" yet.

Langley said...

Yes, burnout is a powerful B word. I'm glad you pressed through. My B word entry was LAME, but I'm going to hang tough and keep going. Oh yeah, can I help market the 4G tater peeler?