If Google dies, then what? No SEO lifeboat

With the Google algorithm change known as the Panda Update, aimed at so-called content farms, thought I'd save this predictive entry from 2009. Otherwise this blog is being revamped.

As a writer who lives by the search engine one perishes accordingly. What would happen to you if Google no longer indexed your website, articles or content? Could you still make a living? Remember now, if Google doesn't see you, no amount of SEO or SERP (search engine result page) luck will pay the bills, unless...

Unless you're paid upfront for content then this is the kiss of death for a pageview writer's (or website owner's ) earnings, though it doesn't have to be. Ultimately, a writer should write for both upfront pay and pageview revenue -- another point for later (Tip #18 maybe).

This is where social networking, social media and self-promotion (not spam) come into play. SEO is only one part of a large puzzle on gaining pageviews, but overreliance on a search engine is no way to earn a living consistently and maintain peace of mind.

Learning how to be social online (and off) while promoting your work is a hurdle for many people.

Ironically, the more you forget about yourself (and your content) sometimes the easier it is...to do naturally. Get out there, find an interest, get involved and build up a reputation. You can even do this more inconspicuously by privately e-mailing fellow writers and bloggers. Starting a blog is yet another covert way of social networking as is commenting on other's content.

Though self-promotion aka online marketing aka social networking is a huge topic, some of the best places to start include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and "fan sites" and forums, such as Topix. Last, but not least, there are online content sites like Associated Content, Helium and Digital Journal focused on writers and writing. and pageview earnings.

Professional groups and associations are yet another of many venues.

Whatever you do, don't base your 401K on search engine placement. With evolving technologies and smarter search habits, even fewer people will share the SERP limelight online in the near future than they do today.

Do yourself a favor and start making business acquaintances and friends online today, it's an investment in your following and your writing future.

copyright (c) D.M. Porter, Suite Marketing