The 3 A's of awesome for you, your life and your blog

50,000 blogs are started a day.

Neil Pasricha's blog 1000 Awesome Things was one of them, off to a slow start like most. At this moment it boasts 30,786,253 hits.

Inspired from multiple tragedies in the author's life, 1000awesomethings won Webby's World's Best Blog award. This 18 minute video covers its inspiration and inception.

It ain’t gonna go according to plan”

A sense of awareness like a 3-year-old and why it works.

Take a lesson from Rosey Grier – The Rams & needlepoint.

There are thousands of the things to be happy about, with only 100 years or less to enjoy them.

I am going to grab a copy of Pasricha's first or second book.
(Read twenty pages here.)

By nature, I have the attitude and authenticity down, imperfectly, but what I miss most is awareness.

It is detailed observations, finely-honed memories or recollections that often makes a gifted storyteller and a grateful, interesting life – and who knows, maybe an awesome blog, too.

From the book:

But when bad news washes over you and when the pain
sponges and soaks in, I really hope you feel like you’ve always
got two big choices:
1. You can swish and swirl in gloom and doom forever,
2. You can grieve and face the future with newly
sober eyes”

And, then: remembering, reading and thinking about awesome things from “batteries are included” to being reunited with an old friend.


What's your awesome of the day?

Today, after two days of struggling with it, I wrote an editorial, in part criticism of, April's National Donate Life Month. After thinking, man I shouldn't go there emotionally, the tone, message and voice came together...to be more than a opinion piece. To be what I wanted it to be.

After the 15th edit, it hit me.

It's done and the ball is in the stands. I heard the pop. 

Teary-eyed I smiled, that I did my best. Jim agreed. 

Sorry, otherwise it would be chocolate related.


Marie Anne said...

Great start to the challenge!

dporter said...

Thanks Marie Anne...was wondering if I'd make it!

rodney southern said...

very cool posting. Love it Donna!

Langley said...

Right on Donna, this is excellent!