H is for HellBound Bloggers: What digital marketers can learn from porn

H is for Hellbound Bloggers? Oh, that's nice. Who? And more importantly, why?

Of note, I'm behind on an A to Z blogging contest and today is H-day. I haven't given up on blogging but am renovating my writing life -- and it's messy, excuse the saw dust -- to make it more productive, profitable, manageable and enjoyable.

Since my last post, I came across a site called HellBound bloggers that left an impression on me, not least was an article entitled "Blogging tactics from porn." This explains the conspicuous looking video below.

Porn parody from Rama's Screen.

I don't like objectionable material thrown in my (or others') face and while not squeaky clean it's about as risqué as an entertainment magazine cover and presents some useful information for writers who are entrepreneurial minded-- interested in branding that is for selling e-books or otherwise.

Neither the article or video are revolutionary -- or even brilliant -- many worthwhile considerations are not -- bread ties for example.

And it's not a how-to but it may inspire some creative thoughts. It may also provide insight as to why content may be trumped by presentation for better and worse.

Digressive Thought: Which reminds me I need to update/follow up on my 2007 article, What Writers Need to Know About Video Publishing, the industry was in its infancy then, to include promotion.

Seven Things You Can Learn From Porn if you are a Digital Marketer from ed celis on Vimeo.

Presentation Outline
Content drives tech
Recycle (or re-purpose)
**Packaging matters
Own it  -- your club, shop, portal or channel
Move fast!
Perception is (often) the larger element of your product
Specialty content sells