Who is Donna Porter?

Variably when this Porter writes something controversial or semi-viral Google suggests that "who is Donna Porter?" is the pressing question of the day. Given the search results, I thought the queries were the result of another woman's R-rated antics with produce. But increasingly the words "Examiner" and "writer" appear, so some people may be looking for this typically PG-rated (until this blog) author, me.

At the risk of linking my professional pages with my attempts at humor, poetry, unfettered commentary or otherwise, this is where you are likely to find Donna Porter:

Yahoo! Contributor Network or Yahoo!News

Oh, and PeerIndex says they are 100 percent certain I'm human.

What am I doing?

Just a moment please, I'm busy conquering a civilization.

Currently, I am working on content curation, beta testing and developing a news mag of sorts (total draft) -- I think I'm going to add a journalism class to the mix.

Otherwise when not writing local, trending topics or social media news, I am likely hunting buzz down or reading about it. I also focus on marketing and sometimes fluff. I've penned a good bit of health content and dabble in politics.

But after my 15 years online I thought I'd try blogging for fun and expression, without regard for style guides and social norms. I'd like to dedicate this blog to my husband Jim (1964-2010) far more talented on the creative front, funny as hell -- as in better than Jay Leno, Charlie Sheen Conan O'Brian (his second fave comedian, David Letterman, his first) -- my soulmate for life and the only person I didn't have to explain my self to, but we'll see where that goes.

That said, I am glad I work for myself.

(The opinions expressed on Porter Productions, or otherwise, are my own and do not reflect the views of the fine companies noted here. I better get a disclaimer up.)

P.S. I put this blog on the back burner, have taken a hiatus and should return to irregularly scheduled programming by mid-August.