Planning ahead for your blog; interview with Darren Rowse

This video is aimed at bloggers serious about longterm monetization efforts and advertising strategy. In other words, not niche blogs designed to pull in $15-50 a month. If that is your strategy and it works, run with it.

Image by  comedy_nose
Otherwise, Google Adsense has dried up for many bloggers, and more innovative methods are required to make money. Product sales are hot. People who can sell an in-demand product, like some crafty Etsy people I know, possess an advantage. Yet, this doesn't mean content providers are doomed. (More on that soon).  

Here Michael Stelzner from SocialMediaExaminer interviews Problogger's Darren Rowse as the well-known, well-paid blogger provides an overview of changes he's witnessed in the industry in the last year.

For those interested, Rowse has a professional 4-week blogging course. To include one on (ahem) "voice" (inside joke). It's called (free plug) ProBlogger Academy and is located at Sitepoint.com.   

Note that most anything you want to learn about blogging and marketing (to include that located at Problogger.net and Copyblogger) is free on the web. So, paying for content is not necessary if you have the time to sort through and find what you want to know.

Meanwhile, I'm going to wait for some reviews on this (no offense to the authors) and explore other options first. Still with Rowse's reputation, it's worth mentioning. 

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