April blogging challenge: One way to start a blog

"April Blogging Challenge - What Was I Thinking?" Marie Anne St Jean asks.

While I'm pondering the answer (and paybacks) if you are ready to get your blogging career or hobby site started, this is one way to kick-start it. Simply do it.

Then you can blame (or thank) her, not me.

This is the short version of the April 2011 A-Z blogging contest, see Marie's site for the details:

"The challenge starts April 1, 2011 and the idea is to write a blog post every day except Sunday, making the topic of the post be something that starts with the corresponding letter of the alphabet."

I decided to woman-up for the challenge last night, despite literary and entrepreneurial obligations due most every direction.

Now, A-words are on my mind nearly non-stop and it is ... annoying, but also inspiring, given most of my news writing and other work offers little creative freedom.

Though admittedly, it is difficult to write about non-work related topics and proficiencies, and instead focus on more creative interests.

QOTD: What "A-word topic are you starting with? Or if you're not participating, what prompted you to start blogging?


Langley said...

Yep, I joined too. What was I thinking...? Tomorrow I'm going to rough out some ideas. Tonight I'm still tinkering with my blog design AND re-writing some of the third-person copy. Haha.

Marie Anne said...

QOTD, huh? Ok, I plan on writing about amazon on one of my blogs. That's as much as I'm saying.

dporter said...

Oooh we got some pre-buzz. Amazon sounds like a winner. @Langely your blog is coming along well..I like the questions and wanted to post on Blogger vs. Wordpress but thought I better get moving on my own site.

Poddys said...

Guess I must be pretty boring, I wrote about "A is for April", with a focus on April Fools Day and the writing prank that I played last year.

Pleased to be joining you all on this quest for more articles.