The A to Z Blogging Challenge ends here.

I think that joining the A to Z Blogging Challenge has proven very productive even though I'm ending it prematurely. It showed me what I need to do and what mindset/heart I need to take my blogging in the direction I want and need.

The blogging contest has also opened my eyes to many bloggers I now have and will follow as well as the motivation to keep exploring. Blogging offers a much different world than more standardized article writing and is most appealing.

I'm going to spend a couple weeks making up for lost time on my paid writing job and go from there. I must choose also between my business site and penning a book for my next major focus. 

I want to thank both Alex J. Cavanaugh and Marie from Write, Wrong or Indifferent for the inspiration and I hope to have an update posted here in reasonable time. 


Donna Shields said...

Sorry to hear you're leaving the blog contest early, but I totally understand about catching up. It'll take me a couple of weeks to accomplish that.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Its hard to do. I have help (my bro) and its still hard. A good kind of challenge though. nice blog BTW.
***New follower!***

Sarah Allen said...

Understandable. Best of luck with everything!

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Here's to making it this far, congratulations! I have an award for you!!